untitled (brokering deals)

untitled (brokering deals): or how 45 gaslights us daily Click To Tweet


You’ve got a masters

In kicking us when we’re already down

With a minor in

Taking the rights we clearly own


On most days

It appears you’re lost in a haze

Our lives are ablaze


But I have to pretend you don’t faze me


You talk about brokering deals

By taking away poor children’s meals

And give us choices like:


Should we trap an entire generation in a golden cage?

Should we leave children to die because of your unhinged rage?


The news makes my heart race faster than

Running a 5K

Your words hit me harder than a storm surge


You talk about brokering deals

Never mentioning they were meant to be Faustian

To drown us in quicksand

In a place where we’d never get a helping hand



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