The School Secretary

Some days I just hang around doing nothing and I get an instant flashback about certain events in my life.

I attended 4 elementary schools, but the one in which I spent the longest amount of time was San Antonio Elementary School. I had two teachers there Ms. Lopez in the 3rd and 5th grade (who changed her last name to Lopez Gonzalez after she got married), and Mrs. Cano, in the 4th grade. I also remember the school nurse, the lunch lady, and the secretary but unfortunately can’t recall their names.

The School Secretary was a nice lady, she was a Latina, talked to us in both English and Spanish, and was always kind to us when we needed to get something from the school admin.

When my mother and I were getting our work permits, she was the person who handed me documents I needed from the school—tightly sealed—so we could use them in our proceedings. Most of the time we waved hi and bye.

Some days, my mother would take me to the park after school so we play basketball or I could be at the playground. I’m not sure what we were doing that day exactly, but we wound up at KFC, which my mother usually bought me as a treat.

When it was my turn to order, she was there. The School Secretary had a second job. She was extremely flustered, and I remember saying hello. We paid, she gave us our order, and my mother and I ate.

The next day I went to school and told no one about this.

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