Services and Support

  • SEO content
  • Web content
  • Articles on issues such as federal, state, and local politics
  • Latin American culture, food and film
  • Translations from English-Spanish, Spanish-English

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  • Contenido SEO
  • Contenido para sitios web
  • Artículos sobre política federal, estatal y local
  • Cultura, comida y cine latinoamericano
  • Traducciones de inglés-español, español-inglés

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Occasionally people ask me how they can support my work, because even though I make my living as a freelance writer, the bulk of my work is currently unpaid. At the moment I produce my own films independently and with my own cash. My gear is quite humble and right now I get my friends to fill in roles when they can (always telling them that they’re actors while in front of the camera, and colleagues of real professional actors). Here are some ways you can support if you’d like to:

  1. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
  2. Purchase my art prints
  3. Donate
  4. And hey, nice emails or comments are cool too!