My first week as a digital nomad….


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More than a digital nomad, I consider myself a working-class traveler. However, I hung out with a lot of digital nomads in Buenos Aires, asked them tons of questions, and did my best to figure out a way.

I have to start working on a documentary that I’ve been researching for about two years now and still maintain enough funds to keep traveling until I can get to Brazil. I did this because rent in Buenos Aires became too expensive and even with bus fares it’s a lot cheaper than staying there, where I would’ve run out of money by now (most likely). So I decided to sort of be a digital nomad in the northern part of Argentina, where I am now.

Last week I was in Tucumán and stayed in a really great Airbnb. I was a bit paranoid because so many people have horror stories, but I made sure to read the references carefully and the cost of renting the room I was in was only about US$25 more for the entire week than I would have paid in a hostel recommended by Hostelworld, with 8 more people. (This isn’t a diss of Hostelworld, I actually love most places I’ve stayed in with them, but I needed my own room so I could work).

I’d say it went okay. San Miguel de Tucumán is a small town, but it’s safe and it’s easy to walk almost anywhere. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to do a day trip like I would have liked because I said yes to too much work and spent a lot of time on logistical planning. I was even (gasp!) 24 hours late on a deadline and felt extremely bad about this because as a freelancer, I always advise people not to do this, and attempt not to do this myself. But it happened. Thankfully I pulled through and hopefully things are ok with my client, though I’ll have to check in on them just to make sure.

I stayed in a neighborhood called Barrio Norte and there were plenty of small vegetable and fruit stands, bakeries, and even an artisanal pasta place. Plus, I was next to an enormous park and that was a great place to run.

From my Instagram

Suffice it to say I spent a lot of time questioning my choices in life, but overall I had good experiences. Buenos Aires is an amazing city, but I needed to be somewhere more peaceful and this was definitely it. I was only able to explore the town a bit more on my last day and walked around Plaza Independencia.

A group was singing chacareras, a type of music that is typical of northern Argentina. I ate something called achilata, which is an ice cream that is typical of Tucumán, and then made myself a pasta dinner with artisanal pasta and watched Jessica Jones until I fell asleep. (People will tell you that it’s wrong to watch Netflix while being a digital nomad/backpacker, but those people are lying about their own Netflix habits).

A few lessons I learned:

  • I need to pack the night before because I forgot my towel as a result of packing early in the morning.
  • Argentinian ATM fees have skyrocketed and are now around US$10-11 per withdrawal.
  • I should’ve brought my other backpack because the one small one I brought with me ripped, and now I need to spend time looking for one where I currently am.
  • Empanadas tucumanas are absolutely delicious, and I was so happy that sfijas were so easy to find!

I grade myself a C+ on my first week as a digital nomad. I tried really hard, but keeping up with deadlines is essential.

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