Mental preparation for a working-class traveler


1. Be ready to get the cheapest of everything as often as possible. Obviously, you need fresh fruits and vegetables, so don’t skimp out on those.

2. Do the yogurt trick. You know, the one where you eat yogurt several times per day to build good bacteria. Stomach issues, while you’re in a hostel with 7 others, are no fun!

3. Take cold showers every once in a while to get used to them. You’re going to places where the water might be freezing, so just try!

4. Lighten the load. That backpack is too heavy!

5. You’re a working-class traveler, so make sure you have wifi in case you need some gigs so you can get from one place to the next.

6. It’s ok to get an Airbnb or your own room in a hostel every once in a while if you can. Sometimes you need privacy.

7. You’re a traveler of color. If people start asking stupid questions or playing “guess the ethnicity,” you don’t have to go along with it.

8. And you don’t have to feel back about sticking to your budget. If the haters want to criticize, then they should offer to pay (but they won’t).

9. Carry duct tape everywhere! And a sewing kit!

10. Talk to someone new every day, if you can.

11. Follow your gut. If it feels unsafe, don’t go there. If you have a feeling, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

12. Taxi drivers always rip you off. Always.

13. Always research the water situation wherever you go.

14. Carry napkins, tissues, or toilet paper on you.

15. Always figure out where the nearest grocery store is wherever you go, and figure out their schedule.

16. Same goes for ATM machinesĀ if there are any wherever you’re going.

17. Walk around and get exercise every day somehow.

18. Have fun!


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