How to set up a film shoot: SoFlo Studios, Florida

A couple weeks ago I was asked by one of my readers if I could help set up a film shoot in Florida for a short indie film. I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal to find a small company with what he needed for his film. He just needed a few shots in a classroom and a hotel lobby, no big deal. Classrooms and hotel lobbies are pretty much everywhere, right? Yes and no. Although they are pretty much everywhere, you have to get permission from the owner, government and pay crazy fees. So I started to look at video production companies in his area. They all seemed to be pretty expensive for something so simple. Then I found SoFlo Studio in Fort Lauderdale.

Though our crew had needed only a few things, SoFlo Studio showed us everything in their arsenal just in case we needed something in the future. We used the classroom and hotel lobby. Each of these sets came with everything we needed to shoot our scenes. Our rental included several costumes so that our actors were dressed in a way that was consistent with the set. The hotel lobby had some great lighting and added some mystery to the mood of our scene.
Meanwhile, the classroom had enough space for everyone involved in our scene, including extras. We had no reason to hesitate renting a film set after discussing film studio rentals with so many others because¬†SoFlo Studio¬†was very affordable and the sets were immediately available. Not only did their staff listen to our needs, but they offered us great prices on film studio rentals we couldn’t find anywhere else. The staff also gave us all the specs we needed on their vast array of standing sets.
It’s clear that the staff at SoFlo Studios is knowledgeable about video shoot locations and are passionate about helping local Florida filmmakers get their films done. SoFlo Studios also has some cool lighting options for people who are interested in filming music videos. They even gave us great tips so we could improve our own scouting for music video locations and pro-tips on how to work in a video production studio.
Like anything in the film industry, working with them required an investment, but we’re pretty sure this one will pay for itself. We’ll be recommending SoFlo Studio to friends of ours who want to shoot independent films and music videos as well.

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