Good Morning (Sunshine)

The first short film I did took about two years to complete. This one took about six weeks because I was working on it whenever I had time. When you have no money to shoot a film, even a short one, you have to try to improvise as much as you can. I’m working on feature-length screenplays right now, and because I want to learn how to work with actors and direct, I wanted to make as much as I could.

The tough thing about short films is how little time you have to create a beginning, middle, and end. After watching a tutorial from, D4Darious I followed his advice as much as I could. Then I watched Martin Scorsese’s The Big ShaveI chose to focus on a simple moment: frying an egg.

Our character starts out with this simple task and starts becoming insecure as she stands in silence. I thought about turning 31, the types of questions random strangers ask about whether or not I’m married, if I have children, if I’m planning to, and remembered how uncomfortable it made me feel. Initially I was going to make this film about death, but instead I chose to focus on the way some people make me feel dead inside.

I tried to shoot as quickly as I could, especially since my roommate Mara Ares (who runs this video game company in Buenos Aires), is a freelancer like I am. I often have conversations with women of my age range and we discuss how our main reasons for putting off traditional gender tasks are that we want to travel, have a career, and that we live in world makes having it all nearly impossible for women. After editing everything down I looked at the script I wrote, and didn’t like it. So almost everything here is just improvised stuff, questions people asked of me, my insecurities, and the insecurities many other women have talked to me about.

Everything about this film was done with something in my house, including: my apartment, my roommate, my voice, and I even composed the music on my guitar. It was shot on GoPro, edited this on iMovie, and distributed this on YouTube (and here!).

If you’re reading this or watched this, thank you!

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